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It has been announced on the official website of the Social Security Institution (''SSI'') that the Procedures and Principles for Medicine Reimbursement Applications have been updated as of 22.01.2024. The new procedures and principles entered into force on 22.01.2024, the date of publication, and the Procedures and Principles on Medicine Reimbursement Applications dated 30.06.2022 were repealed.

The main changes implemented by the new procedures and principles are as follows:

  • The Medicine Offer Form, which includes information on the alternative reimbursement model submitted by the applicant company in the applications to be evaluated by the Alternative Reimbursement Commission, has been added to the Annexes of the Procedures and Principles Regarding Medicine Reimbursement Applications.

  • Regulations were made regarding Foods for Special Medical Purposes, which are products subject to the Regulation on the Authorization of Foods for Special Medical Purposes published by the Turkish Medicines and Medical Devices Agency.

  • It is stated that a price list printout will not be required for applications to the Alternative Reimbursement Commission.

  • The definition of the Healthcare Implementation Communiqué has been updated.

  • The third application category, "medical products whose sale is permitted without a license", has been changed to "products subject to the Regulation on Licensing of Foods for Special Medical Purposes of the Ministry of Health".

  • For each application, the term "application file" has been reorganized and the form of the applications has been changed.

  • New regulations have been made regarding the contract renewal applications within the scope of the SSI General Health Insurance Alternative Reimbursement Regulation to be considered as First Time Applications and the letters of undertaking to be attached to these applications.

  • A new commitment letter has been added to the commitments submitted by the companies in the application file during the application and this commitment letter is included in Annex 3C.

  • Applicant companies are obliged to keep a copy of all documents submitted to the SSI and submit them to the SSI when necessary.

  • It was made mandatory to submit a copy of the medicine's marketing authorization and a certificate attached to the marketing authorization for applications for medicines included in the lists.


You can access the Procedures and Principles for Medicines Reimbursement Applications via this link (in Turkish).


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