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Nuri Melih İnce

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After completing undergraduate education at Bilkent University Faculty of Law, Nuri Melih İnce worked as legal trainee and attorney at law for one of the leading law firms of Istanbul and Turkey, and as attorney at law in charge of the competition law for one of the telecommunications sector giants of Turkey. He completed Utrecht University Law and Economics LL.M. Programme with his thesis titled “Big Data, Search Engines and The Essential Facility Doctrine” in which he examined the relationship between big data and competition law within the context of search engines.

After these experiences, Nuri Melih İnce has continued his career at İnce Legal Law & Consultancy Office, which was founded by him. His practice focuses on healthcare and pharmaceutical law, competition law, dispute resolution, corporate and commercial law, digital markets and other regulated markets.


Nuri Melih İnce provides strategic consultancy services especially in the healthcare sector regulations and competition law as well as represents his clients before the public authorities and judicial organs and participates in various sectoral and academic events as a speaker.  



  • Bilkent University, Faculty of Law, LL.B.

  • Utrecht University, Law and Economics, LL.M.



  • Ankara Bar

  • Bilkent University Alumni Association

  • Governance and Legislation Association


  • Turkish

  • English


  • Competition Law Practices in the Video Game SectorApplied Competition Law Seminars 2023 Book, On İki Levha Yayınevi, 2024

  • Microsoft/Activision Blizzard Acquisition, Milliyet Competition Magazine, September 2023 

  • Competition Between the Original Drugs and Generic Drugs in the Light of Latest Decisions of the Turkish Competition Board, the European Commission and the Courts, Applied Competition Law Seminars 2022 Book, On İki Levha Yayınevi, 2023

Conferences and Seminars

  • Speaker - Association of Research Based Medical Technologies Digital Health Talks - April 2024

  • Speaker - Istanbul Bilgi University Competition Law in Practice Seminars 2024 - February 2024

Recent Decisions of the European Supreme Courts on Dawn Raids

  • Speaker - 2nd International Congress on Personal Data Protection - November 2023

Data Privacy as a Non-Price Parameter of Competition

  • Speaker - Istanbul Bilgi University Competition Law in Practice Seminars 2023 - May 2023

Competition Law Practices in the Video Game Sector

  • Speaker - The Future Healthcare Istanbul International Conference  - October 2022

Healthcare Technologies, Killer Acquisitions and Competition

  • Speaker - Turkish Pharmaceutical Industry Association  - May 2022

Compliance with Competition Law in the Light of Pharmaceutical Industry Practices

  • Speaker - Istanbul Bilgi University Competition Law in Practice Seminars 2022 - April 2022

Competition Law Debates in the Pharma Industry in the Light of the Latest Decisions

  • Moderator - JSVU Utrecht Law and Economics Society - March 2021

Competition in Digital Markets Webinar

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