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In the previous months, price discount thresholds regarding the drug reimbursements and price rates subject to drug reimbursement have been updated as per the amendments on the Social Security Institution Communiqué on Healthcare Practices (“CHP”) and Additional Protocol on the Supply of Medicines from Turkish Pharmacists' Association Member Pharmacies for Persons Covered by the Social Security Institution (“Protocol”) and announcement of the Social Security Institution titled “Changing of Public Institution Discount Thresholds That Will Be Applied for Drugs” which was made publicly available on 17 February 2022. Information regarding the amendments is provided below.

· New drug price thresholds and discount rates, which will be applied within the scope of reimbursement in accordance with the relevant amendments are provided in the below table:

· It is important to note that drugs included in each equivalent group will be entitled to reimbursement up to 5 % more than the cheapest unit price in that group in accordance with the amendment made to Article 4.4.2. of CHP titled “Equivalent drug practice” by the Communiqué Amending the Social Security Institution Communiqué on Healthcare Practices which was published in the Official Gazette dated 26 October 2021. Previously, this rate was 10 %.

· New thresholds and discount rates that will be applied to public drug purchases determined by the Protocol signed on 4 March 2022 are provided in the below table:

We hope that our work, which gathers all amendments regarding the new thresholds and rates, will be beneficial for the sector stakeholders.


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