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The information, content and materials on this internet site have been prepared by İnce Legal Law & Consultancy Office for information purposes only, nothing herein is intended as legal opinion and contained information may not reflect the most current amendments on the applicable legislation. Even though we show our maximum effort to ensure that information provided on this internet site is based on reliable sources, visitors should not act upon this information without seeking professional legal advice.

Visitors will be deemed to accept below terms of visit and use by visiting our internet site:


  • This internet site and its content have been prepared in accordance with Attorneyship Law numbered 1136, Professional Rules of the Union of the Turkish Bar Associations as well as the rules on the prohibition of advertisement and they cannot be used to acquire business or similar benefits and/or for advertising purposes.


  • All information and documents on this internet site are the property of Att. Nuri Melih İnce and other attorneys producing content. These information and documents and İnce Legal Law & Consultancy Office logo cannot be used, copied and reproduced without prior written consent.


  • It is strictly prohibited to create new links in this internet site and/or to create links to this internet site, unless expressly permitted in writing by İnce Legal Law & Consultancy Office.


  • The submission of any information by e-mail or any other communication channel to us or any other use of this site or the information contained herein shall not constitute an attorney-client relationship or will not constitute a partial attorney-client relationship with our existing clients. All information and documents contained herein are purely personal and are not under any circumstances intended for commercial distribution. Visitors cannot claim that the information presented is incorrect or that they have suffered a loss because of this information. İnce Legal Law & Consultancy Office assumes no responsibility or liability for the content of this site or actions taken by visitors based on information provided on this website.


  • İnce Legal Law & Consultancy Office does not accept any responsibility for the information and materials published by the third parties and does not directly or indirectly approve the statements or opinions contained in the information published by such third parties. İnce Legal Law & Consultancy Office reserves the right to remove information published by third parties in the website that is deemed inappropriate for any reason.

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