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İnce Legal is an Ankara-based independent law firm providing high-quality services to its clients in various areas of law with its expert attorney and consultant team.


As İnce Legal, our ultimate goal is to provide our clients with the most efficient legal services in the most practical way and at the right time. To reach our goal, we do not only resolve our clients' existing legal problems, but we also offer solutions to our clients to prevent their future problems.  We prioritize client reputation and confidentiality in all our services.


With our expert attorney and consultant team,



With the awareness that the service we provide to our clients is not independent of the needs of our clients, sector dynamics and requirements of the commercial life, we step our consultancy further from the legal technique; we provide services tailored to our clients and the sectors in our clients operate activities.


In this respect, we also get the support of eminent sector experts and provide a comprehensive service.

We understand your business.

We offer practical and creative solutions; we believe in innovation.

While offering both preventive law services before the disputes arise and services after the dispute has arisen, we act by keeping in mind that our most important duty is to protect the rights of clients and to provide the most practical and cost-efficient solutions for our clients.


We closely follow the actual developments in the legal world and in the sectors that our clients operate activities; we adapt the works and relationships of our clients to the changing conditions, we offer innovative solutions.

We prioritize confidence and respect.

We know that our most important assets are the trust of our clients and our respectability. We prioritize mutual confidence and respect in our relationships with our clients and in every channel we represent our clients; we protect client confidentiality at all stages of the services we provide.

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